About Us

Founded in 2018, ubbego African Supermarket is one of the newest African stores in the Hampton Road area. Conveniently located in the City of Newport News, we offer speedy and great customer service!

The mission of ubbego African Supermarket is to provide organic food and other groceries, clothing, jewelry and statues of an African centered nature to men and women with an appreciation of Africa its people, lifestyle and goods, while also acting as a resource for information regarding the African continent and all of its descendants.

It is our commitment to spread awareness and educate people everywhere about the cultural riches that the African continent has to share with the world. We help accomplish this goal by providing a safe place here and online, where food, clothing, jewelry, all natural body oils, all natural hair and skincare product, statutes, music, and fabric can be purchased from highly knowledgeable staff. In addition to the many products that we sell we also provide a space where knowledge and ideas can be exchanged freely, openly, and safely.

It is this model of personal engagement, intense customer service, knowledge of products, knowledge of customer base, and a “hands-on” approach to the selection of each and every one of our tens of thousands of products, that sets ubbego African Supermarket apart from any other store of its kind in the nation.

From our humble beginnings, and with the help of our community and the growing awareness of the extensive benefits of a more natural lifestyle, we stand in an unique position to not only benefit from but to also give back to the community that has sheltered ubbego African Supermarket and allowed it to share the spirit of Africa with the global community.